Sofia Open Solo & Couples

28 October Morning | Сутрин 8:30 - 13:30
Time: 8:30 - 13:30
Sofia Open WDC AL Championship // Workshop

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Latin LA:
Ball ST:
Restricted Syllabus. Couples are allowed to dance in both Ball and Lat, but in only one Grade and Age group.
Beginners (2 dances, Ball - W,Q; Lat - Ch, J)
Intermediate (4 dances, Ball - W,T,VW,Q; Lat - Ch,S,R,J)


Do you want us to add Hotel Reservation? The price of a double room with breakfast is discounted when included to the package. The following hotels are available for the participants in the festival: Hotel Marinela (5 stars, place of competitions) – €100 for double room; Hotel
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Entries Fees | Регистрационни вноски

  • €5 – SOLO: for 1 event (Ball or Lat), Beginners (2 dances)
  • €10 – SOLO: for 2 events (Ball + Lat), Beginners (4 dances)
  • €10 – SOLO: Ball (W,T,VW,Q), Intermediate (4 dances)
  • €10 – SOLO: Lat (Ch,S,R,J), Intermediate (4 dances)
  • €15 – SOLO: Ball+Lat, Intermediate (8 dances)
  • €10 – COUPLES: per couple for 1 event (Ball or Lat), Beginners (2 dances)
  • €15 – COUPLES: for 2 events (Ball + Lat), Beginners (4 dances)
  • €15 – COUPLES: Ball (W,T,VW,Q), Intermediate (4 dances)
  • €15 – COUPLES: Lat (Ch,S,R,J), Intermediate (4 dances)
  • €25 – COUPLES: Ball+Lat, Intermediate (8 dances)

N.B. Juvenile, Junior and Youth + Adult (Over 16) Solo and Couples are allowed to compete only in their age group in BALL and LA. They are allowed to compete only in one category – Beginner or Intermediate (for LA or BALL). No dancer from any age category can compete in Couple and Solo.

ЗАБ. Соло танцьори и Двойки Деца, Юноши и Младежи+Възрастни (над 16 г.) могат да се състезават само в тяхната възрастова група и само в една от категориите – Начинаещи или Средно Напреднали (за ЛАТ или СТ). Танцьорите участващи в състезанията за Двойки нямат право на участие в състезанията за Соло.

Financial terms: All entries for taking part in the competitions and workshops are charitable contributions and voluntary donations, made on site or to the following Bank Account in EURO:

Sofia Open Dance Festival 2018

First Invest Bank

IBAN: BG80FINV91501017176479


Финансови условия: Всички регистрационни вноски за участие в състезанията и семинарите са благотворителни и доброволни дарения, направени на място или по банков път на следната банкова сметка в лева:

Получател: София Оупън Денс Фестивал 2018

Първа инвестиционна банка АД / ПИБ АД/

IBAN: BG64FINV91501017147764


Rules, Terms & Conditions

  • Download & Read WDC Amateur League Competition Rules.
  • Deadline for entries and bookings for accommodation is 15.10.2018
  • Financial terms: All entries for taking part in the competitions and workshops are charitable contributions and voluntary donations.
  • Bookings for accommodation in the partner hotels must be made on the website not later the deadline for registration (15.10.2018), but the payments should be arranged with the hotel administration, advisable prior arrival. Payments upon arrival are not guaranteed by the Organizer unless they are specially arranged with him and the hotel administration.
  • The organizer cannot be held responsible for any personal charges made to the hotel. All participants must pay for their own personal charges including phone and room service.
  • Please be advised that the time in the schedule is approximate and subject to change.
  • Each competitor should be present in the ballroom at least 30 minutes prior to his/her scheduled dance time. When you receive your heat sheet, please check and make sure your dances, levels, and ages are correct. We need to be made aware of any mistakes as soon as possible.
  • All the dancers taking part in the Festival must take care about their health insurances. The Organizer is not responsible for any injuries happened during the competitions. First Aid will be available in the ballroom venue.
  • All copyrights to photo & video materials taken during the festival belong to the Organizer.

For more information you can contacts us via e-mails:;

Правила, Общи условия

  • Свалете & Прочетете Състезателния правилник на WDC Аматьорска Лига.
  • Краен срок за регистрация е 15.10.2018
  • Всички резервации за настаняване в партньорските ни хотели трябва да бъдат направени на сайта не по-късно от крайния срок за регистрация (15.10.2018), като плащанията се извършват на хотелската администрация, преди настаняване, срещу потвърдена от организатора резервация.

GOOD LUCK! | Успех